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Our Founders

Two brothers who were born and raised in Rochester NY grew in different directions as they found their ways.  Each started separate businesses while they were in college.  When they graduated, Randy and Terry Haller quickly recognized, that with their complimentary backgrounds, they could merge their skills to create new, more successful business ventures as a team.

In 1978, they formed a business that Randy and Terry called Creative Environments.  This company was started as a home remodeling business and gradually evolved into the organization that continues today.  Through the years, Creative Environments and our new organization of companies has owned, operated, and sold several successful small and large businesses; completed numerous outside remodeling projects; managed hundreds of rental units; and purchased, rehabilitated, rented, and sold nearly 50 single family homes and dozens of multi-unit, residential and commercial, investment properties.

MMP Ribbon Cutting

In 1988, Randy and Terry also purchased a Minuteman Press printing franchise in Downtown Rochester New York, With Randy's business and sales expertise and Terry's technical and personnel skills, this commercial printing and copying business grew to become one of the largest Minuteman Press franchises in the country.  In 1998, the successful corporation was sold at maximum value.



Randy and Terry with Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson “cutting the ribbon“ in front of their new and expanded Minuteman Press location at Midtown Plaza.

The Creative Environments partnership continued until 2005, when it was reorganized into our family of Limited Liability Companies that includes the now separated remodeling division Creative Environments CE LLC.  Each of these companies now handles a specific aspect of the real estate investing business.  With further growth, additional Limited Liability Companies continue to be added to take on the ever divergent functions of the organization.

Gene_Trowbridge_and_Randy Haller

Randy Haller with Gene Trowbridge Attorney, CCIM, Author, Public Speaker, and Teacher at a recent training and consulting seminar in Boston. Gene Trowbridge is a licensed attorney whose law practice focuses on Syndication of commercial and investment real estate. Gene has been in the Syndication business since 1972. He provides education, legal, and real estate consulting services to individuals and companies specializing in the brokerage and syndication of commercial and investment real estate.

Our Family of Companies, including Domestic Funding LLC, focuses its' efforts on the purchase of multi-unit and commercial properties, often with funds from our private lenders.  Once a property is acquired, the other divisions of our organization concentrate on the process of management and development.  Each rental unit is then systematically improved over a period of time.  These upgrades help to achieve the highest level of quality and value that the area and class of property can maintain, and establishes a new reputation for the property within the community.  This course of action is being pursued as a way to effectively utilize capital while maintaining, increasing, and maximizing long term rental income.  A portion of this income is then used to make payments of principal and interest to our lenders.  Future projects will include various size apartment and commercial properties in pre-selected locations.

Domestic Funding LLC and the entire Family of Companies were founded and are led by the two brothers, Randall (Randy) Haller and Terrence (Terry) Haller.

Randy Haller

Randy Haller brings a strong business background to the organization.  He graduated on the Deans’ list with a Business Administration Degree from Monroe Community College and from York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada. Following college, Randy went on to own and operate a number of small and large businesses.  In 2004, Randy acquired his Real Estate Agent license from the state of New York.  In 2007, after extensive education in Real Estate sales, rentals, and property management, and after having been involved in hundreds of transactions, he obtained his New York State Associate Broker license.   See some "Sample Ads", view "Randy's Resume" and visit these other respected sites for "Randy's Blog", and additional
on-line profiles...

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Terry Haller
Terry Haller brings various skills sets to the company, coming from a technical and inter-personal background.  Terry graduated from Monroe Community College with a degree in Optical Technology.  He went on to further his education at Fredonia State University in New York where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Philosophy degree.  While attending college, Terry started a remodeling business where he developed his extensive technical skills in the construction and property improvement trade.  Together, these capabilities combine to help Terry manage a successful remodeling and property maintenance business.

Additional Team Members

Geoffrey Haller, Geoff Haller
Geoffrey (Geoff) Haller, Communications, Marketing and Sales
Geoff has years of experience in marketing, selling, and providing great service to customers and businesses; both locally and around the country. His integrity and professionalism in dealing with property owners, lenders, and other real estate professionals has made Geoff a great asset to our company.

Office Manager
Veronica Campbell
Office Manager

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