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Lending Process

What happens after I have located my funds?

Domestic Funding LLC ensures that making a loan is as simple as possible for our lenders.
We prepare all of the necessary paperwork so that all you have to do is approve the investment, sign the lending agreement, and just before closing, have your funds delivered or wired directly to the Domestic Funding LLC closing attorney to be held in escrow.  After the closing is completed, you will receive a package containing:

  1. A promissory Note and Mortgage on the Subject property outlining the terms of repayment
  2. A copy of the Deed to Secure the Debt (mortgage) on the property
  3. Proof of Lenders' title insurance
  4. A Hazard Insurance policy with you listed as a mortgagee (loss payee)

This package provides you with a level of security not normally available with most investment opportunities.  From that point on, you have nothing else to do until the loan is ready to be re-paid, and then you just have to approve the payoff (if you are working with the Equity Trust Company) or re-invest the funds.  Because the entire loan process is so simple, and the interest rate so favorable, Domestic Funding LLCs' lenders are always looking to re-invest with us.

Feel free to explore all of the content that we have put together for you on this site.  If you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a private lender with Domestic Funding LLC, or if you just have additional questions, please call us to talk more about this opportunity, send us an email, print out one of the forms on this site to send us a fax, or simply complete one of the forms and click the submit button.  A representative of Domestic Funding LLC will get back to you shortly to discuss this process.  As always, we suggest that you get the advice of your attorney and/or tax advisor about any investment or lending that you are considering.
Thank you for your interest.