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“Investment Secrets of the Super Wealthy!”

Rich investors don't settle for lousy money-market returns, and just like them, you don't have to, either! Like most people, you probably don't really ask that much from your investments: You just want a solid rate of return on your money, and you're not interested in “betting the farm” in order to achieve that goal.
Unfortunately, most investors have very limited investment choices:
They can put their money in a money-market fund or a CD, and earn a return that often doesn't keep up with inflation.  Or they can gamble on the stock market, where every day is another roller-coaster ride loaded with accounting scandals, unemployment concerns, oil price volatility, and plain old greedy managers.  Some choice that is!  Whatever happened to investments with reasonable risk and solid returns?

Is there a better way to invest?

Well, yes there is a better way, and the people that are knowledgeable about this great investment option are happy to keep it quiet and out of the news.  So what is that better way?
Invest your funds in real estate as a secured lender.  This means is you get an excellent interest rate on the money you have invested, and it is secured by a specific piece of property.  If all goes well, you get your original money back, as well as a very attractive interest rate.  If by chance, the borrower is unable to make your payments; your investment funds are more than covered by the equity remaining in that property.  Secured loans are not just for banks anymore.  Banks are averse to taking risks.  That's why they invest in this same way: They want to charge a healthy interest rate, and they want your property as collateral or security for the loan.  They either get the healthy interest rate, or they get your property!  This is a very good and secure position for them.  And now the rest of us can invest in the same way banks do.  You get an even better interest rate than the banks, because there are no sales commissions, and you still have substantial collateral securing your loan.  Why doesn't Wall Street offer this type of opportunity?  Because they can't make fat commissions from these types of investments, so they don't want to let people know they exist.  They want you to focus on just the types of investments that make THEM the most money, not the ones that make YOU the most money.  Contact Domestic Funding LLC to learn more about what you've been missing, and get more information on private lending that can potentially earn you a solid return, safely.

How is it that we are familiar with these investments?

We're real estate professionals who invest in real properties. Not real estate agents, who just list and show homes for people to buy and sell.  We're real estate problem solvers.  We are constantly searching and working in the local real estate market as investors ourselves, finding properties that must be sold quickly, finding ways to improve these properties and turning them into better homes for our hard working tenants, all the while creating a good rate of return for our companies and our private lenders.  We invite you to browse this site, get in contact with us at Domestic Funding LLC, and see for yourself the excellent investment opportunities that the “pillars of your community” have been aware of for years, but can't keep to themselves any longer.

Maybe now you are thinking “I don't really have $50k -$250k lying around waiting to be invested”

You may have more funds available to be invested than you think, and you're not even aware of it!  You may have money in an IRA, or in orphaned 401k's which you have probably always believed you couldn't access until retirement.  That's only partially true.  It is true that YOU can not personally withdraw the money without suffering penalties, but you can invest this money (and continue to receive tax-free interest!) All you have to do, if you have these types of retirement funds, is roll them over into a “self-directed IRA” and you become capable of directing this money to the lucrative real estate investments available by “partnering” with Domestic Funding LLC.

“What are orphaned 401k retirement plans?”

An orphaned 401k retirement plan is a 401k that was established and funded while you worked for a company where you no longer work now.  (You cannot use a 401k plan that your current employer has established for you.)  The funds are rolled over to a third party institution (we recommend an Ohio firm “Equity Trust Company” ) who administers the money, but allows the IRA owner to make decisions relative to the investment of the money.  Wall Street firms, and your typical local banker, sold you a “bill of goods” that real estate was “not suitable” for inclusion in a 401k or an IRA.  That's what they want you to believe, so you'll stop asking about it, because they can't make a fat commission on this type of investment.  Did you know you are permitted to invest in the following types of real estate through a “self-directed” IRA:


You can roll over these IRA or 401k funds into this type of self directed fund with Equity Trust Company and you can immediately direct these funds into a real estate investment with Domestic Funding LLC. Most people are not even aware that this as a possibility. They believe that their money must remain in the existing IRA until retirement and continue earning only nominal interest (usually in the 0-3% range). Our lenders are thrilled when they become part of this Program and realize that they can now receive our higher annual return on Investment (usually in the 6-10% range). Equity Trust Company makes this process easy, and has all of the necessary fill-in forms available for download on their website. If you'd like, we can prepare all of the necessary paperwork for you so all you have to do is sign (if you are working with the Equity Trust organization).

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Of course, you can still invest with us and not use money that was invested in an IRA or any other type of tax-deferred vehicle.  You simply invest with regular savings or after-tax dollars and follow our simple Lending Process.

Feel free to explore all of the content that we have put together for you on this site.  If you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a private lender with Domestic Funding LLC, or if you just have additional questions, please call us to talk more about this opportunity, send us an email, print out one of the forms on this site to send us a fax, or simply complete one of the forms and click the submit button.  A representative of Domestic Funding LLC will get back to you shortly to discuss this process.  As always, we suggest that you get the advice of your attorney and/or tax advisor about any investment or lending that you are considering.
Thank you for your interest.