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This website is available through “a link” or “by invitation” only.  Those who take advantage of this rewarding opportunity already know us, or will soon get to know us personally.  Once you decide you are interested, and would like to find out more information or be formally invited into our program for the future, please fill out one of the sign up forms on the site or contact us.  We would be happy to schedule a meeting so we can get to know each other better and explore the benefits of entering our “circle.”
Thank you, Randy and Terry

Since 1978, a select group of astute private lenders, as well as sophisticated and accredited investors have been participating in this little-known, highly performing fund portfolio.
Domestic Funding LLC helps finance Commercial Real Estate that has been acquired by one of our related companies through new partnerships or the placement of private investment mortgages (typically $50,000 or more) for a high rate of return.
Because these private mortgages are secured by Apartment Complexes and Commercial Real Estate that our related companies own and operate, they have been considered by investors to be one of the fastest, easiest, and most secured ways to earn a long term, higher rate of return on savings, investments, and retirement funds.

The Current Investment Problem

Over recent years, everyday people have become increasingly concerned with their ability to finance their future retirement.  The stock market has become far too volatile to provide predictable income.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is the “Face of the Stock Market” and the primary investment component of most indexes and mutual funds (what most people hold in their 401k).  This and other significant indexes continue trading at prices that are well below their expected values and remain very unstable.

Savings accounts, money markets, annuities, long term CD's and other traditional banking investments provide a rate of return that is often far below the current rate of inflation, diminishing the value of existing savings and its' potential to have any real growth in the years to come.  In fact, as this continues, savings are worth less in real buying power each and every year.

The Single-Family Residential Real Estate market currently offers many potential bargains, but still has the concern of acquiring traditional bank mortgage financing, and the unpredictable wait for the neighborhoods to recover.  Even if there were an increase in the value of Single Family Real Estate, it is unlikely that any rent you may be able to receive from a single family investment will be sufficient to pay the expenses of that property.  These and other factors make it difficult to convert a good single family property into a profitable investment.

The realization is, that it has become increasingly difficult to find good investments that produce reasonable returns in the current economic climate, and that Sophisticated and Accredited investors are eager to find secure investment vehicles to keep their money producing an income for their future.

How does this apply to me?...

Do you have investment capital or IRA money not currently earning a high rate of return safely?

The Solution

Unlike single family homes, where the value is determined by “comparables” or other local similar sales, Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate holdings, such as apartment buildings, office complexes, shopping malls, and storage facilities derive their value from the amount of excess money produced in the form of rents and fees above and beyond the expenses.  This is known as cash flow or Net Operating Income (NOI).  The value of a given property can be substantially increased by the ability of a good Management Team to select a good investment property, decrease operating expenses, and increase rental income by improving services and upgrading the quality of the tenant base.  The additional Net Operating Income (NOI) of the property provides the cash necessary to create a good rate of return for both the owner/manager and the lenders in the project.

Investing in this type of property through partnerships or private lending is an incredible way to build wealth fast…and most people are not even aware that this is possible.  By reading the information available on this site, you can become one of the informed people who can choose this method.

Take Control of your Financial Future.

Our organization buys apartments that provide decent housing and manages them to create wealth for our companies.  At times, we borrow funds from private individuals like you, to buy and improve these properties.  We help our private lenders retire early or put their kids through a better college because we pay a higher rate of interest on the money we borrow and we secure it with real estate.  Could you benefit from this type of opportunity?

We have been buying, improving and renting real estate full time since 1978.  During that time, we have been involved in hundreds of transactions.  Our staff has many years of experience and includes licensed real estate brokers and managers, as well as construction and remodeling experts.

Our company, Domestic Funding LLC, focuses its' efforts on financing the purchase of multi-unit and commercial properties, often with funds from our private lenders.  Once a property is acquired, the other divisions of our organization concentrate on the processes of management and development.  Each rental unit is then systematically improved over a period of time.  These upgrades help to achieve the highest level of quality and value that the area and class of property can maintain, and establishes a new reputation for the property within the community.  This course of action is being pursued as a way to effectively utilize capital while maintaining, increasing, and maximizing long term rental income.  A portion of this income is then used to make payments of principal and interest to our lenders.  Future projects will include various size apartment and commercial properties in pre-selected locations.

Feel free to explore all of the content that we have put together for you on this site.  If you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a private lender with Domestic Funding LLC, or if you just have additional questions, please call us to talk more about this opportunity, send us an email, print out one of the forms on this site to send us a fax, or simply complete one of the forms and click the submit button.  A representative of Domestic Funding LLC will get back to you shortly to discuss this process.  As always, we suggest that you get the advice of your attorney and/or tax advisor about any investment or lending that you are considering.
Thank you for your interest.